Snowbunny Sundaes

This article tells us some things to expect this year from CN, and HOLY HELL there’s some good stuff that just got announced! :D

Some highlights:

Steven Universe: Slated to debut in 2013, Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story told from the perspective of Steven, the youngest member of a team of magical Guardians of the Universe. […] created by Emmy® and Annie Award-nominated writer and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar (Adventure Time). Sugar is Cartoon Network’s first solo female show creator.

Uncle Grandpa: Also slated for 2013, Uncle Grandpa is based upon the Emmy®-nominated short of the same name and follows the exploits of Uncle Grandpa—everyone in the world’s “magical” uncle and grandpa. Created and executive produced by Pete Browngardt (creator of […] Secret Mountain Fort Awesome)

Clarence: From creator Skyler Page, Clarence is a new original animated series about an optimistic boy who wants to do everything. Because everything is amazing! (Note: Skyler Page is the mastermind behind the short film Crater Face)

Teen Titans Go!: Featuring the return of Robin, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg in all-new, comedic adventures, Teen Titans Go! will premiere in April 2013. Character-driven comedy is the order of the day […] The series stars the principal voice cast from the original Teen Titans.

Beware the Batman: A cool, new take on the classic Dark Knight franchise, Beware the Batman incorporates Batman’s core characters with a rogue gallery of new villains not previously seen in animated form. Along with backup from ex-secret agent Alfred and lethal swordstress Katana, the Dark Knight faces the twisted machinations of Gotham City’s criminal underworld led by the likes of Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and Magpie. [Personally, from what I’ve heard about it, I’m not sure what to think about this one]

Grojband: 12-year-old Corey is the front man for a rockin’ garage band. There’s just one problem: Corey’s lyrics stink. He just can’t think of anything cool to write about, until…he finds his sister’s diary that’s full of “teen angst and junk” and decides to use each diary entry as inspiration for crowd pleasing, heart stopping, foot stomping hit songs.

Regular Show SpecialRegular Show is slated for a 30-minute Thanksgiving special. Mordecai and Rigby accidentally ruin Thanksgiving and must find a way to save it before their families arrive for dinner.

The Powerpuff Girls Special: [the Powerpuff Girls] will soar again as a brand-new, redesigned and re-imagined CG special coming in 2013 where the trio of pint-sized super heroines will be called upon to rescue not just the city of Townsville, but the USA and the world! Featuring an original song “I Wish I Was A Powerpuff Girl” performed by Beatles legend Ringo Starr, who also portrays Townsville’s most famous flamboyant mathematician, “Fibonacci Sequins,” this all-new original special comes from a powerhouse creative team featuring animation talent from around the globe including acclaimed director Dave Smith and award-winning art director Kevin Dart.


Unfortunately, there will also be new seasons of fucking Johnny Test, Total Drama Island, Annoying Orange, several more of those “Lego” cartoon series no one seems to ever talk about, and a NEW Tom & Jerry show (probably following in the footsteps of CN’s recent - surprisingly actually good - other classic cartoon reboots, “The Looney Tunes Show” and “Scooby Doo Mystery Inc”)

That said, 2013 looks like a good year to be watching CN. :D

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