Snowbunny Sundaes

Sooooo…is there some reason nobody ever talks about this?

I watched the first episode of this 2004 Batman series (the one that aired between Beyond and Brave & The Bold) last night. I literally never hear people talk about this cartoon, they always mention TAS, Beyond and BatB, like this never existed. (According to the wiki, canonically, it didn’t. It only borrows elements from the DCU and makes its own rules after that).

But again…



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    this show is what got me deep into batman
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    i love this joker
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    I myself enjoyed the series. But from everything I’ve seen posted a lot of people criticize it for being different from...
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    I think it’s more of Batman eating nachos
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    Nobody talks about it because it was awful.
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    The thing with the show is it didn’t have any emphasis on character at all, everyone being boiled down to 1 dimensional...
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    Compared to the other Batman series’ that come out before and after this this show was pretty subpar. The lack of Kevin...
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    Okay, so from the sound of things, it’s very much meant to explore and rethink and imagine differently, but most people...
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    i thought the reason why not that many people talked about it was how they disliked how the show felt more like an...
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  19. thoughtnami said: Heck, it had the only animated Oracle tale. Maybe it’s because it just happened to be the series that brought on the so-called “Bat-embargo” on Justice League/Unlimited. Who knows why people choose to ignore The Batman? It’s a fun series.
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    I think a lot of fans just didn’t think that it fit overall. I know I was that way. I was really iffy about the...
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    I used to watch this all the time!
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    Man really? This was one of my favorite Batman series
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    This is actually the one in which Hynden Walch voiced Harley Quinn! One of the three Harley actors. I’m not sure why it...
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