Snowbunny Sundaes

Sooooo…is there some reason nobody ever talks about this?

I watched the first episode of this 2004 Batman series (the one that aired between Beyond and Brave & The Bold) last night. I literally never hear people talk about this cartoon, they always mention TAS, Beyond and BatB, like this never existed. (According to the wiki, canonically, it didn’t. It only borrows elements from the DCU and makes its own rules after that).

But again…



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    I actually really liked this series…
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    It’s the only Batman show I watched…in fact, one of the few they ever ran out here!
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    (Another thing that was cool about this Joker was the fact that is is the first Joker to be portrayed (or at least voice...
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    this show is what got me deep into batman
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    I myself enjoyed the series. But from everything I’ve seen posted a lot of people criticize it for being different from...
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    I think it’s more of Batman eating nachos
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    Nobody talks about it because it was awful.
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    The thing with the show is it didn’t have any emphasis on character at all, everyone being boiled down to 1 dimensional...