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Okay, I need to say this now: 

I don’t know what people mean by “PB should have told Finn she isn’t interested”; why should she have to put him in the friendzone when he should be there by default anyway?

I can’t see Princess Bubblegum as anything but a crazy, insane, scientific bitch anymore. After she talked so high and mighty, and made fun of the mermaids in “The Great Birdman”, it’s pretty clear that she’s just mean, and Marceline is there to keep her in check.

jesus if you believe that which im sure you dont then i dont know how you started following adventuretitan

Let’s look at some facts here:

PB has been growing a little darker/more extreme/more unstable with each passing season of the show. Why is this? She started out so much more cheerful in the pilot and in season 1.

Look at what’s happened to her since then, though:

  • She’s been repeatedly kidnapped and subjected to Ice King’s creepy - if misguided - behavior.
  • She’s had to backtrack and rescue Finn & Jake (her heroes) multiple times, in some instances due specifically to Finn’s gusto after she warned him not to.
  • She was possessed by what is arguably the most dangerous entity in existence (The Lich), then forcibly exposed to chemicals and dark magic, frozen alive and shattered into pieces.
  • She underwent reconstructive surgery and came out literally five years younger, forcing her to relive her childhood. This is an important step, because it made her realize how much different things are when you have adult responsibilities. Think what it would mean to be shown what it’s like to be young and carefree again, only to be reminded that no, you have a job to do and you can NOT be so carefree, really not ever again. That’s a real punch to the stomach. :(
  • She’s experimented on the undead and even been turned undead by the very subjects she was studying.
  • She’s tried creating someone immortal to carry on after her when she really dies.
  • She sees her champion growing up and coming down off his crush on her, but now sees him with a very dangerous and literally unstable character who has the potential to cause MASS DESTRUCTION if she gets too emotionally excited. And when she tries to prevent that, she is basically brushed off as “being jealous”, despite clearly refuting that.

My point is, PB has been through a lot of shit throughout the series. She’s not a “crazy, insane, scientific bitch” and she’s not “mean”. She’s just really fed up with things not working out to her advantage. Life is a constant uphill struggle for her, and there’s little wiggle room for her. She probably barely has any time for herself, much less time to check up on the Lemongrabs, or straighten out whatever happened between her and Marceline so long ago, and she sure as hell doesn’t have time to sit and stew in some petty love triangle with Finn and Flame Princess.

PB is just DONE. And sometimes that doneness is manifest as anger, apathy, critical thinking, logic, or even irritability. She probably laughed at the depressed mermaids because she thought the issue was going to be something much deeper, much more sinister. She’s scientific because science is a constant, and can always help her out of a jam where Finn & Jake may not be able to.

That’s the thing about Adventure Time characters. You can’t just stuff them into a stereotype mold. They grow and evolve over time. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. If you were PB, would you still be the delightfully cheerful candy princess all the time?

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